A List for November | Monthly To-Do Lists

Monthly To-Do Lists

So I thought I’d starting a little series with my monthly to-do lists. We all love a good list, don’t we? I mean, I do. This little wedding photographer gets fired up when there is a good list to be made. That sounds so strange but it’s so true. And maybe, if you read through the list, it just might help you create your own list and maybe remind you of some of the things that need to be scheduled or taken care of in the month of November. With the holidays rapidly approaching, I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed with a huge to-do list. So let’s write it out, let’s organize it, and let’s get it done! That way, when it’s time for hot cocoa, you wont feel guilty about enjoying it with a Christmas movie.

Take some time below and read thru what I plan doing/achieving this month. Feel free to take any of these and add them to your own list. If you think I missed something, please share it in the comments! I don’t want anything sneaking up on me. I’m hoping to keep these monthly to-do lists, so that we can all help each other get things done!