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Whew, October is over and November is here! This my favorite month of whole year! Mainly because it’s my birthday month but also because we are about to enter proposal season! Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Valentine’s day! That’s a lot of opportunities for guys to pop the question! And this Texas Hill Country wedding photographer is ready! Oh, and usually quite a bit of elopements happen in the winter and you all know I love me some sweet Fredericksburg Texas elopements.

Also, I’m a big holiday person – I love the family time, the decorating, the food, the presents, all of it! LOVE IT! And now it’s even more fun because I have two kids! And making holiday memories with them is something very special to me.

So let’s get the goal setting for this month, because if you know me, you know I’m a goal getter. Love me some goals and lists guys!

GOALS for November

  1. Tighter Bride and Groom Portraits : I tend to shoot wide and use a lot of composition in my work. And I always end up with maybe one or two tightly cropped portrait images. Like the simple ones of just their smiling faces. And then I see all these beautiful images on Instagram of the brides shoulder, or her ring, or the guy’s ring, and I’m like why didn’t I think to photograph that detail. Well, I’m gonna work on that!
  2. I would love to book a February bride, I don’t have a wedding yet in February sooooo if you’re a February bride and you’re still looking for a Texas Hill Country wedding photographer, I would love to chat with you.
  3. Update the website with the best work from 2019! This is a big undertaking. With almost 25 weddings/elopements this year, there is a lot of work to go thru and make sure my portfolio is up to date.

What are your goals for the month? Are you a goal getter like me?