Favorite Fall Candles | Kerrville Texas Hill Country Wedding Photographer

Now to start off, I know Bath and Body Works doesn’t need any promotion or marketing from my little photo biz, but I wanted to let you guys know, that these candles are amazing! And in case, you can’t decide on which scents to buy these three are my absolute favorites for the fall season!

Now that the leaves have actually started to fall, and the morning air is crisp, it’s finally started to feel like autumn here in the Texas Hill County. While I’ll always love the summer season, fall runs a close second in my book.  I took advantage of Bath and Body Works sale a week ago with their buy two get two free candles. Of course these three scents were the ones I bought for fall, I also bought some great ones for winter too!

I love editing wedding images or blogging, drinking coffee and having a great smelling candle right next to me. All I need now, is some pumpkin bread in the oven, and I’d be all set!

If you’re looking to fill your home with wonderful scents and cute decor, I would recommend the three below. Leaves, The Perfect Autumn, and Welcome Home. First I would start off with Leaves, it’s a scent that makes you think of the crisp morning and falling leaves, it’s the perfect start to the season. Then I would go with The Perfect Autumn, it’s the smell of fall all in one candle and will carry you thru right to Thanksgiving. And last but not least, during the week of Thanksgiving, I would burn the Welcome Home scent, because once you smell it you’ll know why. It makes you think of having everyone home, sitting around the table, and enjoying a great meal.

Candles are my some of my favorite things, and I always love getting new scents and burning old favorites. Do you have favorites? Maybe from another shop? Maybe ones I should try too?

I’m not affiliated with Bath and Body Works in anyway. I just thought you would like to know my favs!